Китай Коврик для мыши 3 мм размер 190x240 мм

Китай Коврик для мыши  3 мм размер 190x240 ммУвеличить

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Время доставки:   2-7 дня

Производитель: Китай
Модель: Коврик для мыши
Тип: толщина 3 мм

Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Среда, 15 Февраля 2012


Автор: Посетитель 21.05.2017

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Hey Jodi, sorry I did not see this before...The fabric isn\'t cut, it\'s just a fold. This one is made to adjust the length of the kimono to fit your height. I never make the horizontal fold (while using Japanese fabric) because I am kind of tall (not really but compared to Japanese probably) but if you have enough room, just make the fold it\'s more traditional this way!Thank you for the col!pimentsmI hope you\'ll see this after all...

Автор: Посетитель 21.05.2017

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The guy parked in the ambulance space and the one in the fire lane are&3#0n9;t badasses, just pieces of shit. I hope they have heart attacks while their house burns down.

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